Steps For Spoiled Pets

This post combines three things I’m passionate about: pets, writing and woodworking (I couldn’t figure out how to include bass fishing). When my Wisconsin pen-pal and fellow worker in wood, Steven Johnson, told me he was building a piece of furniture for his cats, I thought, “Now, there’s a blog post being written for me!” […]

Standard Time Undone


I gave in. You may recall that we recently made the decision to leave our Maxx’s automatic feeder on Central Standard Time so that he didn’t have to make the ridiculous adjustment we humans must. (Click here to read it if you missed it.) We made that decision based on the assumption that he could […]

Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency In Dogs And Cats

Like many mammalian organs, the pancreas is two organs in one. It has an endocrine (hormone) function, producing insulin, which allows cells to utilize glucose for energy. It also has an exocrine (secretive) function, producing enzymes that aid in the breakdown of fat and other major components of food so that they can be absorbed […]

Hypercalcemia Of Malignancy


Recently we discussed primary hyperparathyroidism (click here to read that post) in dogs and its effect on calcium management in the bloodstream. However, hypercalcemia in dogs is more likely to occur in neoplasia (cancer) located in non-parathyroid sites in the body. It is then termed hypercalcemia of malignancy and/or pseudohyperparathyroidism. The three most common types […]

Pets And Daylight Saving Time


Don’t you know pets all over the nation woke up Sunday morning thinking to themselves, “What in the world are Mom and Dad doing up at this hour???????” Pets are like kids:  the more regular their schedule, the better they do.  Back in my childhood dairy farm days, Uncle Sam kept one alarm clock set to “slow […]

Canine Hyperparathyroidism


Canine hyperparathyroidism is one of several causes of hypercalcemia in dogs. Hypercalcemia, or elevated calcium level in the bloodstream, is defined as any laboratory reading above 11.4 mg/dl. In dogs, as in people, the four parathyroid glands are located nestled into the thyroid glands, thus their name. Para is a Latin prefix meaning “beside.” Both […]

Water Is A Treat For Pets


A drink of water is a treat? To your dog or cat, yes, indeed! Humans think of water as something we have to drink sometimes, but soft drinks, milk and tea are considered special to us. Just as dogs and cats don’t require variety in their diets, they don’t need various liquids to drink, either. […]

Cancer In Pets: Experts Interviewed


Cancer. “It’s just a disease; it’s not magic, it’s not evil.” That was Dr. David Haworth, one of five veterinarians quoted in a special section on cancer in animals in January’s Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.  Each of the doctors interviewed is a board-certified veterinary oncologist, all Diplomates of the American College of […]

Pet Protection From The Cold


I suppose our weather today (I’m writing this on Wednesday, January 29th) still qualifies as “sunny south,” technically, because the sun is out. But it’s 22° and it’s not the weather we signed up for as Southerners. Of course, our pets didn’t ask for this, either. They don’t get a choice. Which is why it […]