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Convenia Used For Cat Abscesses

Lynn writes: Hi. Two of my cats have also had Convenia injections. Both were for wounds that abscessed (they’re very pampered barn cats … up to date on all vaccinations, spayed, neutered, etc. but, they roam and get into things). The Convenia worked fabulously well for both cats. My only complaint is the cost! I’ve […]

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  July 27, 2011   No comments

Convenia Use In A 17-Year-Old Cat

Kimber writes with a question about her kitty: My 17 year old cat got an upper respiratory infection in early April. Last year, he had tremendous trouble with amoxicillin and clindamycin, vomiting 6-8 times after eating even if I gave him yogurt to help with digestion. Therefore, I insisted that something else be used in […]

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  May 31, 2011   4 comments

Convenia Treats Oral Pain

Sassy has provided us with yet another good reason to use Convenia, the long-acting antibiotic injection from Pfizer Animal Health. Poor Sassy got into a fight with another dog and it has left her with an extremely painful mouth, wounds, and a fever, implying that there is infection in the wounds. Of course, with oral […]

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  March 2, 2010   No comments

Convenia Passes Another Test

Convenia passes another test. Bayou recently came to us with an embarrassing problem: BO. Body Odor. He, well, stank. Bayou had a bacterial infection of the skin called pyoderma. It is a common problem, usually secondary with a primary underlying cause of allergy or some other immune system dysfunction. Demodicosis is also a common primary cause […]

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  November 10, 2009   No comments

Convenia Use In Large Dogs

Reader Lucy wrote today to ask what the fee for a Convenia injection for a 96-pound dog is. Of course, some clinics will charge more and some will charge less. Stephanie, one of our employees looked up our fee and it came out to $141.00. I had to admit that I was caught a little […]

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  August 18, 2009   No comments

Convenia Injection Chosen Over Oral Antibiotics

Convenia, the long-acting antibiotic injection that maintains antibiotic levels in a dog or cat’s bloodstream for up to two weeks is the hot topic this week. Let’s look at another case in which Convenia worked out well. Fritzi is a Shih Tzu who weighs 20 pounds and has a urinary tract infection. A urinalysis revealed […]

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  August 17, 2009   57 comments

Convenia’s Many Uses

As the use of Convenia long-acting antibiotic injection widens many readers are writing in with questions about it. “Can it be used for upper respiratory infections?” “Can it be used for urinary tract infections?” “Can it be used for skin infections?” The answer to all of these questions is “yes”. In fact, your pet’s […]

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  July 24, 2009   14 comments

Convenia Long-Acting Antibiotic Injection

“Awwww, Doc, can’t you just give him a shot?” Usually that question comes from a pet lover in the form of an objection to having to give oral medications for a two week or longer time period. Up until now our answer has been, “No, an antibiotic injection will last 12 to 24 hours, then […]

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  April 21, 2009   329 comments
Report An Adverse Event

Report An Adverse Event

Dawn writes:  We gave our 9 yr old, 95 lb German shepherd his 4th dose of Trifexis Sunday-Jan 8, 2012. Today- Jan 10, we had to have him put to sleep. Our veterinarian would not believe that the medication had anything to do with his symptoms: no appetite, disorientation and labored breathing. We kept waiting for […]

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  January 16, 2012   1 comment