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9 Lives And Other Smucker Cat Foods Recalled

This has the potential to be big. Pet food companies the size of 9 Lives’ parent, J. M. Smucker (yes, the jelly people), don’t make mistakes with their food very often. Fortunately, they caught this one early, so cats are at little risk, as long as their owners get new food soon. For starters, let’s […]

Universal Blood Test

As much as we would like to have a test that could be run on a single drop of blood, answer every medical question that could possibly arise, and cost less than ten dollars, we’re not there yet. Or, anywhere close. The most common panel of screening lab tests for general, overall health status includes: […]

The End Of FIP?

Could it be over? In 1994 we lost our precious Sally to what her pathologists believed was FIP, Feline Infectious Peritonitis. Sally was only twelve when she fell ill after a dental prophylaxis (teeth cleaning). She had survived with flying colors. Three days later, she was gone. Feline Infectious Peritonitis is a disease caused by […]

Funding Pet Emergencies

A recent survey by shows that 63% of Americans had no means to handle a $500 emergency for auto repair, or an ER visit costing $1000. It can reasonably be assumed that a $500 emergency pet illness bill would also be beyond the reach of those same Americans. That’s sad. While the Great Recession […]

Meal Schedules For Pets Eating Different Foods


Our last column was about our new kitten, Frida Kahlo, and we promised to tell you how we met the challenge of feeding different foods to our two pets. Max, at three years of age, eats Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d for good dental health, and Frida eats Hill’s Healthy Advantage kitten formula. For many years we […]

The Randolphs Take On A New Kitty

My wife, Brenda, and I added a kitten to our household a few months ago. One night after work, I was getting gas at the Valero station in Diamondhead and I heard a screeching noise. Leaving the pump on automatic, I walked in the direction of the sound, and it stopped. I went back to […]

Three-Colored Cats Have Catitude


BY CYNTHIA HUBERT Sacramento Bee Your tortie is temperamental? It seems you’re in good company. Veterinarians from the University of California, Davis, have discovered, in recently published research, that cats with calico and tortoiseshell coat patterns tend to challenge their human companions more often than felines whose fur is less flashy. The research backs up […]

In Case Of Emergency

“Our dog has been bleeding since last night. Can you help?” “Dr. Randolph will be in surgery for another 45 minutes. If we apply pressure to the wound can it wait, or should I call another veterinary hospital to find a doctor who can see her right away?” our receptionist asked. “It’s not that kind […]



Hematocrit. Microhematocrit. Packed cell volume (PCV). All of these terms mean the same thing: What percentage of a patient’s blood is red blood cells (RBCs)? The pet at hand today is Plato, a cancer patient on chemotherapy who has a mass in one of his lungs. He has been bleeding, his respiratory rate has increased, […]