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Intravenous Catheter Use In Dog And Cat Anesthesia

An IV (intravenous) catheter is placed for every anesthetized patient in our hospital. While not every veterinary hospital requires this safety measure, every human hospital does, and we feel strongly about its worth. The most important reason to use an IV catheter during anesthesia is emergency preparation. Anesthetic emergencies are uncommon in veterinary practice. However, when […]

Local Anesthesia In Dogs And Cats

Having recently discussed general anesthesia we will today cover local anesthesia. General anesthesia is useful for procedures that are invasive, painful and require total immobilization of the patient. Some procedures, however, just don’t justify completely putting a pet “to sleep.” Instead, one of several local anesthetics can be used to prevent the dog or cat […]

Anesthesia In Dogs And Cats

Today we’re talking anesthesia. Let’s break the word down into its component parts to understand its literal meaning. The Latin prefix, an, means “without”. The root, esthesia, means “to feel.” So, anesthesia literally means to induce a state of the patient not feeling.There are many uses for anesthesia. The most common is to perform surgery. […]

Neither Age Nor Kidney Failure A Factor In Anesthesia

“Dr. Randolph, is she just too old to have surgery?” Thirty years ago this client’s statement would have applied to any pet over six years of age. Twenty years ago that age limitation might have been set at age ten. For the last ten years age, alone, is not a consideration for which patients we […]