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Three-Colored Cats Have Catitude


BY CYNTHIA HUBERT Sacramento Bee Your tortie is temperamental? It seems you’re in good company. Veterinarians from the University of California, Davis, have discovered, in recently published research, that cats with calico and tortoiseshell coat patterns tend to challenge their human companions more often than felines whose fur is less flashy. The research backs up […]

Cats Are Hiding Experts

Drives you insane, doesn’t it?   When you call and call and he won’t answer. Hiding. You know he’s hiding. But he won’t come out for (insert your favorite technique here): the laser, clicking the flashlight on and off, rattling the treat bag, wadding up a piece of paper or foil for him to chase, […]

2015 Mississippi Veterinarian Of The Year: Dr. James Randolph

The Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association, a non-profit association of veterinary professionals, chose Dr. James Randolph as the 2015 Veterinarian of the Year during the Annual Business Meeting.  This year’s meeting was held on February 28 at their Winter Conference at the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Candidates are nominated by their peers in the […]

This Year’s Friend-Eddie Donation Story


Regular readers will remember that my high school best friend, Eddie, sends a gift each year to be used to help a pet or pets whose owners cannot afford their care. Click here to read the original story. Each year I write about the recipient(s) of Eddie’s largesse. Here is this year’s story. It was […]

Getting Good Information Online

Maxx_Willie has reminded readers many times that 64% of the medical information online is either outdated, or just plain wrong. Drs. Mike Roizen and Mehmet Oz have recently written pieces in their weekly newspaper column about inaccurate online medical information. Of Wikipedia, they say, “A new study compared info on Wiki’s medical articles to facts […]

Use Caution At Your Pet’s Doctor’s Office


PLEASE keep your pet on a leash! I needed to stop in at a colleague’s office this afternoon on a matter of mutual interest. Parking in front of the clinic, I headed for the front door, where I was greeted through the glass by the cutest little brown dog, about 6 inches high. Barely cracking […]

Steps For Spoiled Pets


This post combines three things I’m passionate about: pets, writing and woodworking (I couldn’t figure out how to include bass fishing). When my Wisconsin pen-pal and fellow worker in wood, Steven Johnson, told me he was building a piece of furniture for his cats, I thought, “Now, there’s a blog post being written for me!” […]

Standard Time Undone


I gave in. You may recall that we recently made the decision to leave our Maxx’s automatic feeder on Central Standard Time so that he didn’t have to make the ridiculous adjustment we humans must. (Click here to read it if you missed it.) We made that decision based on the assumption that he could […]

Pets And Daylight Saving Time


Don’t you know pets all over the nation woke up Sunday morning thinking to themselves, “What in the world are Mom and Dad doing up at this hour???????” Pets are like kids:  the more regular their schedule, the better they do.  Back in my childhood dairy farm days, Uncle Sam kept one alarm clock set to “slow […]