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If You MUST Re-treat

Mrs. Smith called about Smoky. She said Smoky’s ears started acting up again like they did in 2008, and since it was the same thing she used his old medicine to start treating them again. But they aren’t getting better and she wanted to know if Smoky could be seen today.  I asked when she […]

Why Your Pet DOESN’T Have Ear Mites

Our client said, “Dr. Randolph, while we are here with Jimbo, would you look at his ears? I think he has ear mites again, like last time.” I was puzzled, because I didn’t remember diagnosing ear mites at Jimbo’s last visit. And, Jimbo didn’t fit the profile of pets who get ear mites. “Ah! Here […]

Ear Discharge Is Important Evidence

Don’t wash away the evidence! It is not unusual to hear, “Doctor, Fluffy’s ears have been bothering her for several weeks. There has been a lot of discharge and odor. I cleaned her ears really well last night so you could see in there better. Can you tell me what’s causing that?” Usually, the answer […]

Yeast Otitis In Dogs And Cats

Yeast otitis is a common condition in dogs and cats, especially those with allergic conditions such as Atopy. The most common yeast infecting pets’ ears is Malasezzia pachydermatis. This yeast organism not only affects ears, but it can infect pets’ skin, also. To diagnose yeast otitis we first observe abnormal material in the ear canals. […]

How Pet Owners May Recognize Ear Problems Early

He sauntered slowly down the street, as if he had nowhere specific to go. “No,” he said. And, “No,” again, to an invisible friend walking with him. Or, was there some other reason this stray cat, dumped in our neighborhood after Hurricane Katrina, was shaking his head? Very likely this kitty shared a problem common […]

Ear Cytology For Dogs And Cats

Cytology is a technique used in many aspects of veterinary and human medical practice. “Cyto” comes from the Greek kytos, meaning “cell.” Logos is Greek for “science.” So, cytology is the science (or study) of cells. More specifically in everyday use cytology is used to study cells placed on a microscope slide from a body […]

Chinese Drywall Fumes Affecting Dog’s Ear?

During a routine, well-patient vaccination visit we discovered that Clare had moderate inflammation of both ear canals, along with some ceruminous discharge. No diagnostic information could be obtained with the otoscope alone, so we performed a test called Cytology. I was surprised that no infectious organisms were found, as infection is the most common cause […]

Zepp Lateral Ear Canal Resection-Lucy’s Update

Recently we discussed Lucy, whose chronic ear problems required her to undergo a surgical procedure called Zepp Lateral Ear Resection.  We performed the procedure and it went uneventfully. The only down side is that, after the procedure, when we were easily able to access the horizontal ear canal, we found it to also be swollen closed. […]

Kitten And Cat Ear Mites And Complications

Otodectes cynotis is an equal-opportunity parasite that is more than happy to infect dogs or cats. You know them by their common name, ear mites. It is important to recognize that ear mite infestation in cats is a very different syndrome than the condition in dogs. Ear mites in dogs tends to be a condition […]