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Feline Acne

Feline acne. It’s not just teenaged skin. Acne in cats is common and, in most cases, not a terribly difficult problem to control. However, it can become a deep and serious infection. Initial signs can be subtle, and are usually limited to the chin. Black debris, hair loss, scratching. These can progress to redness and […]

Skin Scraping In Veterinary Dermatology


“Deeeeep and wide, Deeeeep and wide, there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.” I never fail to think of that church song from my childhood when it’s time to perform a skin scraping on a patient. I have the late Dr. Matt Wiggins, our Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine dermatology professor to thank for […]

Atopic Dermatitis Update


Dr. Alice Jeromin, a pharmacist and veterinary dermatologist in private practice in Cleveland, OH, has written an excellent update on the latest for treatment of Atopy (also called Atopic Dermatitis) patients. If you have not already read the basics on Atopy, click here to understand the foundation of the condition. This month in the trade […]

Flea Control Fundamentals


Pet owners call us almost every day with questions about flea control, when fleas are only a part of the problem. The conversation usually starts with, “My dog (or cat) is scratching and I need to know what you have to control fleas.” Many owners believe that flea bites are the only reason pets scratch. Fleas are […]

Comb Use For Dogs And Cats

FURminator Dog deShedding Tool

The lowly comb has dozens of uses for pet owners. Some of them even have medical implications. We often speak of brushing our pets, but sometimes the comb is a better tool. For pets who like to be groomed, a brush makes a pet feel good, and it has a little scratching effect, which many […]

Fleas Make Cats Go Up High

My cousin, Judy, (one of my late Uncle Sam’s daughters) in Florida writes: “Do you do counseling on cats? I think ours has gone psycho on us. We missed last month’s flea treatment and now are afraid we have fleas in the carpet. He avoids the floor, jumps on the counter (which he never did […]

Kill Fleas In The Entire Home Ecosystem

“Doctor, that (flea control) isn’t working. I still have fleas jumping onto my pet and me in my living room.” At first this seems like a valid concern, but let’s look at the situation more closely. First, there are few flea control products that “don’t work.” Some of the older products using pyrethrins and fipronil […]

Aggressive Diagnostics Pay Off

Frugality or shortsightedness? Queenie came to see us yesterday with a complaint of hair losson one toe.  Several people had told her owner that it was “a fungus.” I examined Queenie thoroughly, and was unconvinced.  However, I gave her master options in approaching this dermatologic abnormality. People often ask, “Dr. Randolph, if she were your […]

Why I Love Canine And Feline Dermatology

Do you know the old joke about dermatologists? Why do dermatologists love their practices? Three reasons: Their patients never die, They never have emergencies, And they never get well. It’s a joke I tell almost all new clients, especially those whose pets have atopy and Flea Bite Allergy, but not to be funny. I tell […]