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No Bombs And No Foggers In Effective Flea Control

A reader writes: On your Web site, you state that cold weather kills fleas (10 days at 37° or 5 at 33°).  I live in Ohio and it gets below 10° for weeks at a time. Will below freezing weather, for long periods, kill the eggs too? I don’t heat this house during the winter. […]

Easily Control Fleas Year-Round

We have fleas! An error in pet care made by many pet owners is discontinuing flea control and flea prevention during the cool months of the year. Fleas love that time of year, and why wouldn’t they? Cool breezes, moderate temperatures, pets going in and out of the house all day long. It’s a perfect […]

Flea Control and Flea Prevention In Dogs and Cats

Fleas. We’ve had about enough of them, haven’t we? And your pets have, too! The dog I saw today absolutely covered in fleas inspired me to write today’s post on flea control. Why? Simply because there are so many good flea control products available there is absolutely no excuse for your pet to have fleas! […]