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Meal Schedules For Pets Eating Different Foods


Our last column was about our new kitten, Frida Kahlo, and we promised to tell you how we met the challenge of feeding different foods to our two pets. Max, at three years of age, eats Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d for good dental health, and Frida eats Hill’s Healthy Advantage kitten formula. For many years we […]

In Case Of Emergency

“Our dog has been bleeding since last night. Can you help?” “Dr. Randolph will be in surgery for another 45 minutes. If we apply pressure to the wound can it wait, or should I call another veterinary hospital to find a doctor who can see her right away?” our receptionist asked. “It’s not that kind […]

Fake Medicine Advice From Two Physicians


Drs. Mike Roizen and Mehmet Oz co-write a column that appears in many newspapers around the country. Their posts appear in our regional newspaper, The Sun Herald about four times each week. Recently they wrote a piece entitled “Beware those fake meds online.” In it, they identified the impetus for these scams, “they’re big business.” […]

Pet Protection From The Cold


I suppose our weather today (I’m writing this on Wednesday, January 29th) still qualifies as “sunny south,” technically, because the sun is out. But it’s 22° and it’s not the weather we signed up for as Southerners. Of course, our pets didn’t ask for this, either. They don’t get a choice. Which is why it […]

Veterinary Hospice And In-Home Euthanasia


Hospice. It’s not just for the two-legged members of your family anymore. Dr. Juliana Lyles, a veterinary hospice and euthanasia practitioner, was interviewed by Brandi Van Ormer for the Fall 2013 issue of Pegasus Press, a publication of the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Lyles was a 2009 graduate of MSU-CVM. Her […]

Fetal Count Radiography In Dogs And Cats

Fetal Count Radiography is a commonly-performed procedure that allows both veterinarian and pet owner to know how many puppies or kittens are expected in a pregnancy, whether planned or accidental. The X-rays are usually taken late in a pregnancy, after bones in the offspring are sufficiently developed to easily show on the film’s image. The […]

‘DOG-ON-IT’ Lawn Problems

Please welcome Dr. Steve Thompson, (Director, Purdue University Veterinary Teaching Hospital Pet Wellness Clinic, West Lafayette, IN) as a guest contributor today.  This article, originally written in 1998, proved to be extremely popular in helping to dispel a number of urban myths about not being able to have both a dog and a beautiful lawn because of […]

Pet Euthanasia: When Is It Time?

Pet Euthanasia

Recently we discussed the technical aspects of euthanasia (click here to read that post). How do we know “it’s time” for our pets to be allowed to pass on? SOMETIMES IT’S OBVIOUS There are times when our pets are acutely injured and it is clear that they will not survive, even with the most aggressive […]

Responsibilities In Breeding Pets

Mrs. Jones and I were in the examination room with Fluffy, her Golden Retriever. It was Fluffy’s second birthday, and Mrs. Jones asked me a very important question, “I’m thinking of breeding Fluffy now. What are my considerations?” The first and most important consideration is moral. We have an incredible pet overpopulation problem in this […]