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Feline Heartworm Disease Myths Busted


At the Central Veterinary Conference in Washington, D.C., in May, 2013, Kristin MacDonald, D.V.M., PhD, DACVIM (cardiology), co-author of Feline Cardiology (Wiley-Blackwell), addressed 11 fallacies practitioners encounter in an effort to ensure more cats are protected with heartworm preventives year-round.  DVMNewsmagazine has made her presentation available to readers and subscribers. Myth #1: Cats are resistant to […]

Slow-Kill And Fast-Kill Heartworm Treatment

A bold divide exists among veterinarians on the topic of how to rid dogs’ bodies of heartworms. Few lack passion for this subject. “Slow kill” or “fast kill?” Traditional “fast kill” heartworm treatment which, by the way, is not particularly fast, involves the use of Immiticide. Two regimens are described in the drug manufacturer’s package […]

Activity Restriction Needed During Heartworm Treatment

Activity restriction is important for dogs undergoing heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) treatment. However, it is not usually needed for the entire process, just during the time after Immiticide injections are administered. Patients undergoing “slow kill” heartworm treatment need activity restriction only if there are complications or preexisting heart disease. Follow the advice of your veterinarian. When Immiticide […]

Heartworm Disease IS A Big Deal!

“My previous veterinarian didn’t act like heartworms were any big deal, that’s why Sharkie wasn’t on a heartworm preventive. Now, thanks to you, I know better!” Sadly, we veterinarians must not be doing the quality and quantity of client education we should be on heartworm disease, because, nationwide, only 46-55% of dogs (depending on the […]

Rarity Of Microfilarial Reactions In Cats

Mrs. Jones, in the clinic for her cat Wilson’s semiannual examination, asked, “Dr. Randolph, when our dog Phred missed a dose of heartworm preventive last year, he had to have a heartworm test before he could take his preventive again. However, Wilson has been on heartworm preventive for all of his five years of life, […]

February Heartworm Preventive Schedule

Repeatedly we have made the point that heartworm preventives are monthly medications. They are not every 33 days medications. They are not every 34 days medications. They are not every six weeks medications! Periodically, then, they question comes up, “Should I adjust my heartworm preventive administration for February?” No. If you normally give your heartworm […]

Veterinarians As Educators

There is no more important role of your veterinarian than that of educator.   Yes, we can fix things, and yes, when there is an emergency we have to remember our ABCs: Airway, Breathing, Cardiopulmonary. After the dust settles and the feathers are no longer flying, it is crucial that we sit down with clients […]

Questions About Heartworm Complications

Reader “SJaffe” writes to us, “Hi, Dr. Randolph, I foster a Cocker spaniel who is 12 years old. She is heartworm-positive and it’s just breaking my heart. I would love to do everything I possibly can do help her get through this. She doesn’t really have a cough but she breathes very, very deeply (with […]

Tale Of A Dog With No Heartworms

How does such a thing happen? This little dog came to me Monday, having never seen a veterinarian in her life. And she’s 10 years old. And her fecal flotation is negative for intestinal parasites. And her heartworm test is negative. It seems so amazing as to be impossible, but it’s true. Granted, she will […]