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The Randolphs Take On A New Kitty

My wife, Brenda, and I added a kitten to our household a few months ago. One night after work, I was getting gas at the Valero station in Diamondhead and I heard a screeching noise. Leaving the pump on automatic, I walked in the direction of the sound, and it stopped. I went back to […]

Speed Dating For Homeless Animals

Speed Dating For Dogs

Pet overpopulation continues to be an epidemic problem in the United States. Too few pet owners realize the enormity of the problem, then don’t get their pets spayed and neutered. One female cat, when mated with a single male cat, can produce up to three litters per year of up to ten kittens per litter. That […]

An Early Christmas Present For Neighborhood Cats

In response to yesterday’s Christmas present article I got the following e-mail from a dear client.  We’ll call her “Lou.” Just wanted you to know that about 3 weeks ago, my son and I took a male feral cat to the humane society to be neutered and to get his beginning shots started. Our neighbor feeds him, […]

Adopting A New Pet From A Humane Shelter

The time is right, you’ve moved out of that cramped apartment and into your family’s first home. You’ve decided to add a pet to the family. The family agrees we want to do the morally correct thing and save a life by adopting a puppy from the humane shelter across town. For $250.00, you can […]

Pet Adoption

Pet adoption is a topic on the minds of many Americans. When we seek to adopt a pet we have many options. Your neighbor’s pet may have given birth and he may be looking for homes for the offspring. You may have seen a notice at your veterinarian’s office for pets that need homes. You […]