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Rodenticide Ban May Endanger Pets And Children

Last week we discussed the dangers of bromethalin, a neurotoxic rodenticide, rat poison that targets the brain Click here to read that post. One might read about those dangers and respond, “Well, if it’s so dangerous, no big deal, I will just continue to use conventional anticoagulant mouse poison.” If the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) […]

Bromethalin Poisoning

Bromethalin. Rat poison just got a whole lot more dangerous. Bromethalin causes swelling of the brain (cerebral edema) leading to lethargy (inactivity), ataxia (unstable walking), pupils that may be both unresponsive to light and different sizes, loss of consciousness, tremors (shaking), seizures and death. Once significant brain swelling occurs treatment may be futile, as the […]

Sticky Traps Catch Dogs And Cats

Sticky traps are excellent for live capture of rats and mice, but they will catch anything. Even you. Even your pets will adhere to sticky traps. If your dog or cat gets stuck on a rodent sticky trap, don’t panic. There is an easy fix. As is true with many glues, glue traps’ adhesive will […]

Have Emergency Information Handy

Delilah writes, “HELP ME DOC MY CAT REALLY ATE A RAT POISON!!!! I don’t know what to do.  It’s midnight and the local veterinarians aren’t available.  I heard rat poisons aren’t that deadly to cats, but Blondie is just a baby so I thought it might kill her if I don’t do anything.  What should […]

Diphacinone Rodenticide Poisoning In A Dog

Mandy writes from Florida: I found my 11 year old 25 pound Pembroke corgi, Dot, standing over open bag of diphacinone (a type of rat poison). Amount consumed unknown but assumed to be small. 30 hours later I took her to local veterinarian who took blood for PT/PTT test and started 25 mg pills twice […]

Dog Rat Poisoning Case In India

Rajnish writes from India: Dear Doctor, My 4-1/2 month old lab bitch swallowed rat bait around 7 hours back. As I noticed that immediately, I induced vomiting around 15-20 minutes after she actually took it. I gave her 3 doses of spoonful of salt. After 1st dose she threw out all the solid food she […]

Dog Rodenticide Poisoning In India

Rajiv writes from Kalra, India: Doctor, my Lhasa Apso, 2 years old, ate a rat which had suspected to eaten rat poison. We tried vomiting with salt water and took to our veterinarian who gave injection to induce vomiting however Scooby slept so he gave Vitamin K injection and gave purgative pills for night. Dog […]

Compounding Pharmacies Provide Pet Medicines In Flavors

Katherine writes from Canada, “Hi, my cat, Magnum P.I., ate a small amount of rat poison (bromadiolone), and was prescribed Vitamin K1 as an oral liquid. He HATES the taste and foams at the mouth. I don’t think I can keep this up for 26 days. Plus, I think I might have gotten some in […]

Long-Term Prognosis For Rat Poison Cases Is Good

Rachita writes: Do most dogs that recover from rat poisoning, do so completely and without any long-term residual symptoms? In addition, do any precautions need to be taken when she is taken back home and is with her sister (who is healthy, no ingestion of poison)?   Thanks again for all your efforts here!  (For the […]