Preventing Intestinal Parasites in Pets and People

Worms. The very word makes you cringe, doesn’t it? Worms are creepy. All worms. Even the ones you fish with. No wonder your wife requires that you put hers on the hook. Our pets can be worm free, from both intestinal worms and heartworms. (Click Revolution  to read more of what’s Dr. James W. Randolph […]

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  April 16, 2009   2 comments

Pet Emergencies: Be Prepared

Navy Seals. Do you think they got that good by just going out, hitting the road and trying their hands at what they do? Of course not. They used a time-tested technique called preparation. Many probably started out as Boy Scouts and subscribed to the Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared. As a pet owner, you, […]

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  April 16, 2009   No comments

Cat and Dog Tooth Fracture

My father used to be an avid tennis player. Does every day and sometimes twice in a day qualify as avid? He had a number of regular doubles partners. One was a dentist, one a cardiologist, a urologist, an internist and one of his fellow teachers. Any medical emergency that might occur on the court […]

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  April 15, 2009   No comments

Spay, Neuter Dogs and Cats

As we finished performing neuter surgery on a young puppy today my thoughts ran to the importance of spay and neuter surgery. Did you know that for every human baby born today there will be seven (7) dogs and cats born? Far too many pets are birthed every day for the number of available homes, […]

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  April 14, 2009   No comments

Pet Microchips

Over the weekend one of our employees had a baby. 32 weeks. Praise God both mom and son are fine, but we had planned for her to be out much later in the year. My, my, there are always challenges to running a small business. All that, though, is offset by the joy we have […]

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  April 13, 2009   No comments

Revolution For Dog and Cat Heartworm Preventive

Revolution is a monthly heartworm preventive for cats and dogs that also both controls and prevents fleas.’s Dr. James W. Randolph recommends this Pfizer Animal Health medication for many of his canine and feline patients in his own private practice in Long Beach, MS. Heartworm disease is a life-threatening parasitic infestation for both species. […]

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  April 13, 2009   30 comments

Her Dog is an Early Riser

Some people are night owls, some rise with the chickens. Dogs pick up on that. My first client of the day today is a lady with a long commute who rises at 4 AM. She owns two dogs, CC and Sophie. CC is a couch potato and night owl who will lie in bed until […]

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  April 11, 2009   No comments

Amputation Leads To Beginning Of New Life

The 19 year old cat, Three Legs, lay resting on our examination table. The diagnosis was certain; The kidney disease we’d found 3 years before had reached an end point. Something had to be done. Memories and tears flowed in equal proportions. “Y’know, Dr. Randolph,” the cat’s owner said, “I’m thinking back to when she […]

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  April 10, 2009   3 comments

Pet Adoption

Pet adoption is a topic on the minds of many Americans. When we seek to adopt a pet we have many options. Your neighbor’s pet may have given birth and he may be looking for homes for the offspring. You may have seen a notice at your veterinarian’s office for pets that need homes. You […]

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  April 1, 2009   No comments