At The Laboratory With My Pet’s Doctor: Urinalysis

In an ongoing series, has informed you about laboratory tests your pet is likely to have performed as routine screening tests, as preoperative tests, and as tests designed to diagnose illness. Today we’re going to look at tests commonly performed on urine. The most basic is urinalysis, which is performed in two parts. First, let’s […]

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  December 7, 2009   No comments

Urinary Tract Infections In Dogs And Cats

Regular readers will recall that our kitty, Martha, is undergoing diagnostics and treatment for a urinary tract infection (UTI). With most canine and feline patients veterinarians can obtain a urine specimen by one of three common methods, all performed on the awake patient. Martha, on the other hand, is not “most” patients. Martha may most […]

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  October 13, 2009   2 comments