November 10th, 2009

Convenia Passes Another Test

Convenia passes another test. Bayou recently came to us with an embarrassing problem: BO. Body Odor. He, well, stank. Bayou had a bacterial infection of the skin called pyoderma. It is a common problem, usually secondary with a primary underlying cause of allergy or some other immune system dysfunction. Demodicosis is also a common primary cause […]

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Dog And Cat Proptosed Globes

Proptosed globe may be the second scariest condition of pets after seizures. Prominent-eyed dogs such as Pugs and Pekinese are prone to this condition, in which the eyeball itself pops out of the eye socket, usually as a result of trauma. Proptosis is a Greek word meaning “fall forward.” Globe is a term ophthalmologists and […]

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