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Dog And Cat Lens Luxation

Anterior and posterior lens luxation are conditions that can range from non-event to major surgery. DEFINITION OF TERMS What is it? Let’s break it down. Anterior means front or forward, from the Latin root meaning before, and in this case refers to the frontmost chamber of the eye. It’s no surprise that it’s called the […]

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Dog And Cat Proptosed Globes

Proptosed globe may be the second scariest condition of pets after seizures. Prominent-eyed dogs such as Pugs and Pekinese are prone to this condition, in which the eyeball itself pops out of the eye socket, usually as a result of trauma. Proptosis is a Greek word meaning “fall forward.” Globe is a term ophthalmologists and […]

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The Dictionary is not meant to be all-inclusive or to compete with a formal dictionary such as Webster’s. The definitions included herein are meant to illuminate the articles and reading/educational experience. Words within a definition which appear bold have a definition entry elsewhere in the Dictionary. abscess: a localized collection of pus […]

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