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Delaying Dental Care Leads To Multiple Organ Damage

Winston came to see me for what was supposed to be a routine physical examination and vaccination visit. As it turned out, Winston had a “leftover” problem from his last visit, 14 months ago. At that time we had recommended a dental scaling and polishing because of substantial calculus buildup and gum disease, also known […]

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Pet Dental Hygiene Important For Overall Health

Good pet dental hygiene is important not only for oral health, but for overall health. Dental calculus leads to gum disease. Gum ailments lead to kidney disease, heart disease, abscessed teeth, loose teeth and loss of teeth. Take Richie. Not literally. His owners love him too much. Still, Richie is a good example of a […]

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Halitosis And Pet Oral Health

Your friend’s pet has an ugly secret. You don’t know how to tell his owner without harming your relationship. But, something has to be done. You can’t go over to dinner this Friday night and face it again. Dog Breath. Whew! There, you’ve said it! Your friend’s dog has horrible breath and it’s more than […]

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