A Day In the Life of Dr. Randolph

What is daily life in our veterinary hospital really like?

On a typical day we start out taking in our surgery patients and preparing for surgery that will be performed after we see a few outpatients. Modern surgery is pretty time-intense, so we try to schedule no more than two or three procedures each morning. This allows us to spend plenty of time with each patient before, during and after each operation.

After surgery, if time allows, we see a few more outpatients, take a lunch break, then see outpatients again until 7 PM.

During the course of our day outpatient visits may range from routine preventive care to major illnesses to cancer, dermatology and all the way back to toenail trimmings. Many of us GPs, general practitioners, like the variety of having a full-service practice as opposed to a specialty practice that sees orthopedic, dermatologic, oncologic or ophthalmologic cases all day long.

We get to see it all!

Over the next few days we’ll look at how each of these types of cases is worked up.

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