Acclimate New Kittens And Puppies To Nail Trimming

Recently we discussed one of the things I said I would change about the upbringing of our cat, Martha, if I had it to do over. That was to acclimate her to regular car rides when she was a kitten.

Today, as I watched her toenails hang up in a certain rug for the umpteenth time, I also wished that I had helped her learn early that restraint is not a bad thing. She’s one of those cats for whom little can be done without general anesthesia, or at least heavy sedation. The slightest holding or restriction and she goes “bonkers.”

Therefore, when her toenails reach a certain stage before they shed, there are a couple of rugs that she temporarily hangs up in as she walks.

Our next kitten will learn to have her nails trimmed early and often! We suggest that you have your pet’s doctor’s staff teach you how to trim your pets’ nails so that you, too, may be able to afford your new puppies and kittens this acclimation time.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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