Alternative Oversize Cat Litterbox

Regular readers recall that we previously have made suggestions for owners of older cats who have difficulty “hitting” the litterbox.

Cats who have arthritis and who no longer can squat to control their aim need a little extra room and sidewalls that are a little taller.

In our earlier post we recommended using a tray a busboy might use at your favorite restaurant.

Our client and faithful subscriber Ann C. was in the clinic with her kitty, Mopsy, the other day, when we turned to the topic of litterboxes and she shared a find she made.

Lowes, the building supply store, was where she found concrete mixing containers in two sizes.

This small size is 20.5"x26"x5.25", excellent for older cats and for multi-cat households.


This large mixing container is 36"x24"x7.5" deep. Large enough for multi-cat households and big enough even for cats with the worst "aim".









Here you can see the relative sizes of the two concrete-mixing tubs by Centrex.



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  1. A good idea about the oversized cat litter box. Wish we had known about that some years ago. When our old four-footed buddy got to be about 12 years of age he often missed the litter box with his aim.

    Again, a really good idea that someone has shared with us.

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