An Exemplary Pet Owner Adopts A New Beagle

Previously we have talked about Lucy’s owner, referring to him as “another exemplary pet owner,” or just “Lucy’s dad.”

Sadly, we lost Lucy a few months ago. Her owner said that he wasn’t going to get another dog, yet, one day he found himself at the Humane Society of South Mississippi, staring into the big, brown eyes of another beautiful Beagle.

Annie is shy, but sweet.  Her Beagle beauty and her need for heartworm treatment made Lucy's dad pick her.
Annie is shy, but sweet. Her Beagle beauty and her need for heartworm treatment made Lucy's dad pick her.

At this point, a lot of pet shoppers would have turned and run the other way. The sign on the cage said, “Heartworm Positive.”

Not Lucy’s dad. “Dr. Randolph, she was so beautiful, and I knew that with heartworms most people would pass her by,” he said. “I just couldn’t leave her there.”

So far, so good. “Annie” is so incredibly sweet and just as beautiful to everyone who meets her as she is to her dad.  We have performed her pretreatment laboratory testing and chest radiograph. The damage to her heart and lungs is minimal and the labwork is good, too. Today she begins the first step in the heartworm treatment.

No one can take the place of Lucy, but Annie certainly provides good healing.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.


  1. I came back to this many years later to remember my father and see Annie’s introduction into the family. Unfortunately, she crossed the rainbow bridge this past week. After my father’s passing, Annie joined my family and for 11 years and one month, she enjoyed a spoiled, well-travelled life as she moved from place to place with us as we transferred military duty stations — two times to Japan even! She was full of love and entertainment. She is missed so much!

    • WOW! One never knows what the Holy Spirit is going to deliver. After all these years, I was JUST thinking about you. LAST WEEK. Perhaps it was the same time Annie made her transition. Annie was a terrific dog, as was Lucy. Your Dad was a very special man, and I was honored to get to know him. Your life is evidence that you paid attention to what he taught you. Thank you for taking such good care of Annie and for letting us know about the terrific years she had. What an adventure! May God continue to bless you and your family. Dr. Randolph.

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