Antibiotic Timing For Urinary Tract Infections In Dogs

Timing is important when a dog takes medication for a urinary tract infection.
In general, we like to time the nightly dose after the last urination of the evening. Doing so allows the bladder to be emptied, then refill with a high concentration of antibiotic overnight. This occurs because the kidneys filter the medication from the bloodstream and eliminate it through the urine.
It’s like getting a higher dose of medicine without the side effects or cost.
For antibiotics that are administered once daily the system is simple. However, if your bedtime is, say, 10 PM, but you leave for work at 7 AM, twice-daily doses will not be 12 hours apart. In this case, ask your pet’s doctor what schedule is best for your individual dog.
You may have noticed that we didn’t address cats with UTIs. That’s because it’s nearly impossible to control when cats urinate. Therefore, simply follow label instructions.
See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph. MMUABN

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