Armarkat Cat Tree

cat tree house with sisal

The Armarkat Cat Tree is every kid’s dream!

That is, if your “kid” is a cat!

What kid doesn’t want a treehouse to play in, and what cat doesn’t want to climb to the highest heights to rule over his world?

The Armarkat Cat Tree is all that and more. Not only can your kitty climb and observe from the five available perches, there is also a hiding place to quietly take a nap (or stalk that Nermal-like nemesis Mom brought home recently).

There is even a built-in scratching post!

The ivory color fits any decor in any room. There are two sizes: 57″ and 62″. Please note that the configurations are different between the two, so choose the arrangement of perches and posts you like best.

The Armarkat Cat Tree is made of pressed wood covered with a faux fleece for durability and long life. There is some assembly required, but the manufacturer supplies all of the tools you will need.

Then it’s just sit back and enjoy the show!

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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