Auricular Hematoma Question

Lehz writes, “Our puppy just finished the same operation as you did for your patient. When the infection began there was no wound or even a rash in the ear. Now his sister in also having this. My uncle is a veterinarian and this past few days there are numerous dog patients experiencing auricular hematoma. Is this a seasonal disease? Or maybe a new strain evolved? Thank you so much :))”

First, we need to recognize that auricular hematoma is not a disease,but a result. As explained in the original article, you see that the condition results from broken blood vessels, usually from a patient scratching at the ear(s).

Bumps will be gone after Auricular Hematoma surgery where sutures were
Bumps will be gone after Auricular Hematoma surgery where sutures were


The disease is the inciting cause of the itchiness. Infection and allergy are among the more common initial causes.

Trauma, such as a blow to the ear, can also cause an auricular (or aural) hematoma, and this can result from being hit by a car, being in the way of a golf club, anything that can cause an ear to be hit.

That said, spring is a time of year that commonly causes allergies to flare, which can then lead to scratching and hematoma.

You state that there was nothing abnormal in your dog’s ear before the hematoma appeared, but, have you looked? Closely? Read this post about physical examination for pet owners to explain how to check your pet out closely. Doing so will allow you to catch problems early, maybe even before he develops a hematoma and needs surgery.

Your pet will thank you.

Of course, there is always the possibility that he had an accident of some sort that caused the hematoma, but that’s much less common.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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