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Dr. Randolph

Three-Colored Cats Have Catitude


BY CYNTHIA HUBERTSacramento BeeYour tortie is temperamental? It seems you’re in good company. Veterinarians from the University of California, Davis, have discovered, in recently published research, that cats with calico and tortoiseshell coat patterns tend to challenge their human companions…

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In Case Of Emergency

“Our dog has been bleeding since last night. Can you help?” “Dr. Randolph will be in surgery for another 45 minutes. If we apply pressure to the wound can it wait, or should I call another veterinary hospital to find…

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Hematocrit.Microhematocrit.Packed cell volume (PCV). All of these terms mean the same thing: What percentage of a patient’s blood is red blood cells (RBCs)? The pet at hand today is Plato, a cancer patient on chemotherapy who has a mass in…

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Anti-vaxxer Movement And Pets

Hoover Susan McCormick

Veterinarians are concerned that the “anti-vaxxer” movement in the United States could result in more pets becoming ill. “Anti-vaxxers” are parents of children and/or pets who believe that the benfits of vaccines do not outweigh the risks of possible complications.…

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