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Dr. Randolph

Feline Acne

Feline acne. It’s not just teenaged skin. Acne in cats is common and, in most cases, not a terribly difficult problem to control. However, it can become a deep and serious infection. Initial signs can be subtle, and are usually…

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An End To Rabies?

Oscar Sunny

An end to Rabies. Pie in the sky, or achievable goal? (Click here to read about the disease, Rabies.) The World Small Animal Veterinary Association and the World Organization for Animal Health believe they can team up, with help, to…

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The Saga Of The 28-Hour Semester


A couple of readers expressed curiosity about an aspect of last week’s salute of Dr. Leon Turner: the 28-hour semester. Both expressed astonishment that it was possible. One took it as evidence of my dedication to the profession. Actually,…

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