Babble Ball And Willie Video

As promised, here is video of Willie and his Babble Ball.

He loves it!

In fact, he loves it so much that we have to put it away to get a little quiet around the house. He will bark at the Babble Ball, charge it, push it around with his nose, paw at it, anything to get it to talk to him. Then he barks at it some more.

It’s beyond hilarious.

In keeping with other users’ experiences, Willie was skeptical at first. In fact, he was so standoffish that we wondered, at first, whether he would warm up to it.

Here’s how we solved that problem. First, I set it on the living room carpet, where he does most of his playing. I moved it around some with my foot so it would begin its repertoire. Willie barks at anything he doesn’t understand, and he did with the Babble Ball, from a distance. After about fifteen minutes, I put it away.

The next day, Brenda repeated the process while I was at the clinic. That night, she reported that he was more interested.

Day Three was the turning point.

Now Willie and the Babble Ball are best friends!

Enjoy the video.

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