Babble Ball Talking Toy

I have ordered a Babble Ball for Willie, and I can’t wait to show you some video of him playing with it.

How do I know Willie will love it?

  • He’s a TV-watcher.
  • He pays attention to sounds on TV: voices, dogs barking and sharp noises.
  • He’s generally attentive to his environment.
  • He’s a dog who loves his toys.

If that sounds like your dog, he’s a candidate for a Babble Ball, too.

Animal Sounds Babble Ball

What is it? Babble Ball is a talking ball. There are two versions. Both are motion-activated and begin to respond when your dog walks by, breathes on it, picks it up in his mouth or bats it around.

  • Talking Babble Ball in small, medium and large. The talking version has a chipmunk-like voice with several phrases responding to the motion-activation circuitry. One of the key appeal factors is the high-pitched, happy voice, which automatically translates to fun for your dog.
  • Animal Sounds Babble Ball has a lion, frogs, coyote howl, various birds, a barking dog, pigs, rooster, lamb, elephant, cow, goat, cat and more. Altogether there are more than 20 animals!

You can hear all the sounds by clicking here.

The motion-activation feature also turns off the power when the Babble Ball isn’t in use. That saves on battery usage and keeps it quiet when at rest.

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