Canine Amputation Has A Happy Ending For Tippy

Pat brought her dog, Hartley, in for a Medical Progress Examination today. Hartley has had a swollen toe for which we’ve administered treatment. We are happy to report that the toe is much better and we expect a full and uncomplicated recovery.

Pat moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast from Bolton, MS, near the center of the state. As it happens, her pets were being cared for by a classmate of mine, Dr. Milton Farr.

We had a few minutes to reminisce after examining Hartley and Pat told me of several amazing veterinary medical feats Dr. Farr had accomplished for her pets.

One, Tippy, had been in an accident and had broken both rear legs. The broken bones healed fine, but Tippy had nerve damage in one leg, leading to inability to turn the foot upright. Dragging the foot everywhere she went resulted in a sore that just wouldn’t heal.

Dr. Farr suggested that Pat allow him to amputate the leg after sufficient time showed the nerve damage was not going to be reversed. Like most pet owners, Pat resisted amputation until she was finally convinced it was the only way.

“If I had known how well she was going to do, I would have let Dr. Farr perform the surgery sooner,” Pat related.

Tippy now romps and runs on the remaining limbs, happier than ever.

She does, however, have one other complication from the accident: she is stool-incontinent. Pat says, “On certain days you have to watch where you step at our house.”

Enter Pat’s grandson, Tyler, who received the assignment at school to write a story about family. Tyler was familiar with Tippy’s tale and decided to write it down for the teacher. An excerpt:

“My Granny has three legs and drops poo-poo all around the house.”

Well, Tyler knew what he meant!

Pat says she never wants to meet that particular teacher.

See you Monday, Dr. Randolph.

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