Capstar For Flea Control

Today let’s talk about Capstar, a wonderful medication and a tool in the never-ending battle against fleas.

Capstar, nitenpyram, is an amazing little tablet marketed by Novartis Animal Health that is safe in dogs and cats. Give one pill and it begins killing fleas within twenty minutes, and will continue to kill fleas for 24 hours, then it’s gone!

When it was brand new and a representative gave me some several years ago, he told me the same thing. I said, politely, to myself, “Yeah, right.”

A few days later on a really, really busy afternoon a little kitten came in covered in so many fleas that I couldn’t put my finger anywhere on her little body and not touch ten fleas. I took a stool sample from the sick baby, set up the stool test, gave her half of a Capstar tablet and put her back into her carrier to await her turn.

When I opened the travel case thirty minutes later I couldn’t believe my eyes! There were dead fleas everywhere, almost none on the kitten and she actually looked happier already, despite her illness.

Capstar really isn’t positioned to be a part of most pet-owners’ year-round, full-time flea control program, but one that is excellent for spot treatments.

For example, Hunter came in today with a terrible redness and itchiness in her skin. She has allergies and had been to “Grandma’s house,” where fleas are not yet under control. As this has been a recurring theme for Hunter and her daddy, we formulated this plan: Keep one or two Capstars on hand all the time. When Hunter needs to go there, give one the day she goes, then give another twelve hours before she’s to depart on the day she comes home. Any fleas that are alive on departure day will be killed before leaving for home, and none will survive to infest Hunter’s house.

Capstar is safe enough to use every day, but a little too expensive for that schedule.

For intermittent treatment, for veterinarians to give to boarders who arrive with fleas, and many other situations, it’s ideal.  Your pet’s doctor will be able to guide you in Capstar’s use.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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  1. My veterinarian prescribed Capstar for my cat one time (he ran away from home, came back with whole bunch of fleas) long time ago, it worked really well, very effective!

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