Caring For Our Own Pets During Brenda’s Recovery

Caring for our own personal pets during my wife, Brenda’s, recovery from fractured leg and arm has been a bit of a challenge.

We are fortunate that our poodle, Pearl, likes to visit the clinic. At 15 ½ years of age she has a few medical and physical challenges that make her high-maintenance, so she can’t be alone for very long. She requires frequent trips to use the bathroom and takes several medications spread throughout the day.

We have previously used a pet-sitter for vacations and recommend them for pet owners in our practice. It is not practical in this situation, however, as Pearl gets all the care she needs while at work with me and our staff expertly cares for her while I am attending to Brenda at the (human) hospital.

Our cat, Martha, who has been described as “grouchy” would not tolerate even our expert pet-sitter touching her, much less giving her medication for the urinary tract infection (UTI) we are treating her for. So, I make daily trips home to administer her antibiotic. Sometimes the nights in the hospital with Brenda are not very restful, so I have stayed at home occasional nights, too.

We will evaluate Martha’s UTI a few weeks after she finishes antibiotic therapy to know whether the infection has cleared completely.  She will have a urinalysis, chemical and microscopic, plus a urine bacterial culture and sensitivity test.

Brenda, we are happy to report, is doing well in her rehabilitation. She still has a high level of pain, as one might expect with broken bones. She is doing everything the physical, occupational and recreational therapists have asked her to do. Brenda is highly motivated to be home as soon as possible.

She is also motivated to be able to travel soon. Our third grandchild is due to be born late August and she wants to be in the delivery room.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph

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