Carlson Extra Wide Pet Gate With Small Pet Door

The Carlson Extra Wide Pet Gate with Small Pet Door is ideal for today’s homes with open floor plans like our home. You want to enjoy your pets in some rooms, but not in others.

This item fills openings from 29 to 44 inches.

Or, you’re OK with the pets being in that part of the house during some times, but there are other times you want them restricted.

This gate allows you to control access without sacrificing ease of ingress and egress by humans.

One handle, a single latch, is all it takes to allow people to pass through. With its memory-saving settings adjustments, there is no time-consuming fiddling with the gate to put it back in place, just push back down on the handle.

Want to let the pets come and go? Leave the integrated small pet door open, and they have easy access. Block them out again with an easy snap.

The Carlson Extra Wide Pet Gate with Small Pet Door installs in minutes with no tools.

You’ll wonder why you wrestled with other forms of blockades after your gate arrives!

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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  1. Dr. Randolph – I’ll get the hang of this computer yet. I like the wide gate with the little door – great for dogs. Of course, my cats (Mopsy and Smokey) would just fly over the gate. I’ll just have to pass this info on the gate to my brother for his dog. Thanks much, Ann

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