Cat and Dog Tooth Fracture

My father used to be an avid tennis player. Does every day and sometimes twice in a day qualify as avid?

He had a number of regular doubles partners. One was a dentist, one a cardiologist, a urologist, an internist and one of his fellow teachers. Any medical emergency that might occur on the court could be handled.

I always remember a saying his dentist friend had, “I love people who eat ice. They keep me in business!”

I was reminded of that saying today when I was performing a dental prophylaxis on a little Dachshund, Abby. She had a “slab fracture” on a large tooth. A slab fracture occurs when a sheet of tooth structure shears off, usually on the sides of teeth.

Abby loves to eat ice.

We started antibiotic therapy, put Abby on pain medication and referred her to a nearby veterinary dentist for definitive repair of the fracture.

A word to the wise is sufficient. No ice-chewing for dogs or people.

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