Cat Diabetes

Diabetic Cats Who Stop Being Diabetic

Owners of diabetic cats need to be aware of a syndrome in which their cats are no longer diabetic. While that sounds like good news, it rarely is, for several reasons. First, this is not a predictable syndrome. One never knows when it is going to happen. It happens in but a small percentage of […]

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Obesity Epidemic In Dogs And Cats

Obesity, is, of course, a national epidemic in people. Sadly, obesity in cats and obesity in dogs are also at epidemic proportions, and we’re not any closer to winning the battle in pets than we are in people. Need some incentive to help your pet lose weight? Consider Trouble: Trouble suffers from Feline Diabetes and Feline […]

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Preventing Diabetes In Cats

Diabetic cats seems to be the theme of the day. Two special patients tended to stand out today. One is Buddy, who isn’t diabetic. Yet. But Buddy is overweight and thinks one of his jobs is to clean up his food bowl and Marabell’s, too. You see, Marabell, his housemate, is a slow eater and […]

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