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Pet Emergencies: Be Prepared

Navy Seals. Do you think they got that good by just going out, hitting the road and trying their hands at what they do? Of course not. They used a time-tested technique called preparation. Many probably started out as Boy Scouts and subscribed to the Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared. As a pet owner, you, […]

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Pet Microchips

Over the weekend one of our employees had a baby. 32 weeks. Praise God both mom and son are fine, but we had planned for her to be out much later in the year. My, my, there are always challenges to running a small business. All that, though, is offset by the joy we have […]

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Her Dog is an Early Riser

Some people are night owls, some rise with the chickens. Dogs pick up on that. My first client of the day today is a lady with a long commute who rises at 4 AM. She owns two dogs, CC and Sophie. CC is a couch potato and night owl who will lie in bed until […]

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