Halitosis And Pet Oral Health

Your friend’s pet has an ugly secret. You don’t know how to tell his owner without harming your relationship. But, something has to be done. You can’t go over to dinner this Friday night and face it again. Dog Breath. Whew! There, you’ve said it! Your friend’s dog has horrible breath and it’s more than […]

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Don’t Put Off Needed Surgery/Dentistry For Older Pets

Here is a real-life example of what can (and did) happen when fear of anesthesia causes a pet owner to delay important needed care. Dutchess came to our hospital in October, 2008, for a routine vaccination visit. We had previously diagnosed cataracts in both eyes, a heart murmur in her chest, a growth that needed […]

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Cat and Dog Tooth Fracture

My father used to be an avid tennis player. Does every day and sometimes twice in a day qualify as avid? He had a number of regular doubles partners. One was a dentist, one a cardiologist, a urologist, an internist and one of his fellow teachers. Any medical emergency that might occur on the court […]

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