Dermatology: Ears

Mange In Dogs: Ear Mites/Otodectic Mange

In an ongoing series on the four types of mange in dogs today we will look at Otodectic Mange. Also referred to as ear mites, the creature’s scientific name is Otodectes cynotis.Easily the most overdiagnosed condition in the history of animalkind, ear mites are the actual cause of ear problems in only a small percentage […]

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Proper Treatment For Dog and Cat Ear Infection

Continuing the topic of minimizing recurrent ear problems in dogs and cats, today we will discuss proper treatment. In order to have treatment success the duration of treatment must be adequate. Do not stop treatment just because the ears look better! Even with first-time ear infections one cannot hope to clear the infection with three […]

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Rascal Gives Love As He Wags His Tail

Today we have a really short but really touching story to tell. It’s stories like this that keep us going back to work for our patients and their pet-loving owners. Rascal came in for an appointment for an ear problem. His left ear had been itchy for a couple of days and this was the […]

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