General Practice

Dogs Have Fear Of Fireworks

Independence Day, July 4th, is upon us. For two weeks or more the tents from which fireworks are sold have been up and doing a brisk business. A few “pops” have been heard in the neighborhood. Many dogs have fears about thunder, gunshots and other sharp or rumbling sounds such as fireworks. In the southeastern […]

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Physical Examination For Pet Owners

When I was a young veterinary student, few things produced as much pleasure as time spent with my pets. Anatomy classes.  An hour a day of lecture time, five days a week. Four hours a day of hands-on laboratory time, five days a week. “Learn this muscle, learn this bone, learn the name of this muscle’s […]

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Veterinary Staff Profile

Who are the support staff members who work in veterinary clinics? Let me tell you about the ones who work for me, in chronological order, as they come to work each day.. Kristi arrives early, sometimes before I’m even awake. Her first duties are to feed, water and exercise the pets that are boarded or […]

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