Rodenticide Poisoning

Treatment For Rat Poison In Dogs And Cats

I get this question a lot. This time, Alicia writes: My 13 week old puppy, Tank,  ingested rat poison at my in-laws’ house last week. My mother-in-law did not tell me he did because she wasn’t sure. A few days ago he started getting really sick so I took him to the veterinarian and that […]

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Don’t Take Modern Veterinary Care For Granted

How often do you stop to think about how well our pets have it when it comes to modern veterinary medical care?  Read this letter from Albania and you will know it’s not the same everywhere: Hi Dr Randolph.  I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know my cat (Monty) […]

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Rat Poison (Rodenticide) Treatment In Dogs And Cats

Rat poison. Be afraid. Be very afraid. If your pet is in any way exposed to modern rat poisons it is a medical emergency that you cannot put off. “Exposed” includes having been in the vicinity of the poison and you’re not sure whether he actually ate any or not. Most of today’s rodenticides work […]

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