Dog and Cat Cruciate Knee Injury

Ever watch a football game and see an injury that just made you turn your head and wish you hadn’t seen what you saw? That’s the nature of knee injuries. “Clipping” is a personal foul in football that involves hitting a player from behind, above the knees, to tackle him. Clipping is outlawed because it […]

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Spay, Neuter Dogs and Cats

As we finished performing neuter surgery on a young puppy today my thoughts ran to the importance of spay and neuter surgery. Did you know that for every human baby born today there will be seven (7) dogs and cats born? Far too many pets are birthed every day for the number of available homes, […]

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Amputation Leads To Beginning Of New Life

The 19 year old cat, Three Legs, lay resting on our examination table. The diagnosis was certain; The kidney disease we’d found 3 years before had reached an end point. Something had to be done. Memories and tears flowed in equal proportions. “Y’know, Dr. Randolph,” the cat’s owner said, “I’m thinking back to when she […]

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