Catherine’s Longtime Companion May Get A New Friend

We had the saddest office visit.

Catherine’s owner came into the clinic for the first time since Catherine had passed away. The poor thing cried all the way through the examination.

Catherine After Osteosarcoma Diagnosis
Catherine After Osteosarcoma Diagnosis

We were evaluating Sara for overall health and updating her vaccinations. Sara had never known life without Catherine in her entire six years. She first came home when she was only six weeks old and under twenty pounds.

Sara had itchy ears and an itchy behind, but what concerned us most was that her appetite had decreased by 50%. Fortunately a set of screening laboratory tests proved her to be physically healthy. We were able to comfortably blame the appetite loss on grieving.

Her owner and I devised a plan: Get in touch with a Golden Retriever rescue group and look for a friend for Sara, someone to get her mind off Catherine. While a puppy might be ideal, the owners didn’t think they were up to the rigors of puppy training, so they are in search of a one to two year old Golden.

We have put them in touch with another of our clients who adopted a wonderful Golden, Hoagee, from a regional rescue group here.

We hope to have some news, and a friend for Sara, in a few days.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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