Cerenia For Motion Sickness In Dogs And Cats

Does your pet suffer from motion sickness?

If so, you suffer right along with him.

The smell.

The mess.

The icky way his hair is matted for days afterward.

Veterinarians have had a number of tools at our disposal for controlling the vomiting that occurs with motion sickness, but never one as effective as Cerenia.

Cerenia is a Pfizer Animal Health product. Yes, the same people who brought us Convenia.  It is used for routine vomiting from gastrointestinal upset to Parvovirus disease.

At a higher dose, however, it can also control motion sickness in most pets.

Cerenia is a prescription medication, so you can’t just come in and buy it over-the-counter, but the veterinarian who routinely cares for your pets can dispense it if your pet is current.

You might even enjoy travel with your pet again.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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