CET Hextra Premium Chews For Dogs

CET Hextra Premium Chews For Dogs take rawhide to a whole new level.

Rawhide is a terrific natural product dogs have chewed on for decades. Its texture is appealing to them and the gentle rubbing action on the teeth helps disturb plaque before it has a chance to harden into calculus.

The first “Hextra” difference is the patented use of chlorhexidine gluconate, an antiseptic known to be safe when used orally, even when ingested. Because bacteria are instrumental in the process of forming tartar on the teeth, the antiseptic helps to reduce their population levels.

Studies show that Hextra’s action lasts up to 24 hours after chewing!

Not only will your pet’s mouth be healthier, his breath will smell sweeter, too. And so will his kisses!

Four sizes are available: petite, medium, large and extra-large for the behemoth chewer.

Every dog loves CET Hextra Premium Chews For Dogs.

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  1. Dr Randolph – These are the only chews I allow Tanner to enjoy. Nice to know you endorse them! Have a great one! Jeanne

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