Chuckit! Ball Launcher is the toy and training tool for your active dog.

Chuckit comes in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of fetching small dogs, large dogs and everyone in between.

Chuckit Ball Launcher

Let’s start with the original Chuckit . All of us who have ever thrown a tennis ball know the challenges: they’re light, hard to throw far, wear your arm out trying to launch them, get slimy from dog saliva and dogs want to chase them for hours on end, never giving up.

Chuckit solves those problems. It’s 26 inches long, so you get plenty of leverage. With practice you can throw a tennis ball up to 140 feet! That will keep your Labrador retriever working! Speaking of Labs, perhaps the best feature of all is that you never have to touch the ball. Chuckit will pick it up and hold it until you launch. For the fashion-conscious, it comes in a variety of colors. For the gregarious there’s even a Chuckit two-pack. Some dogs love playing keep-away between two Chuckit players.

The Pocket Chuckit is perfect for your dog travel pack. It’s 12″, throws the same Chuckit balls as the original, and stores anywhere.

Do you have an over-achiever in your family? The Chuckit MEGA launcher sends a larger ball suitable for his larger mouth.

Over-achievers come in all sizes, and no over-achiever wants to give up at dusk. Chuckit is ready for you, too, with the Glow Ball in small, Glow Ball medium and Glow Ball large.

Does your dog love squeaky toys? There’s a special Chuckit ball just for him, too. The Whistler CHUCKIT balls come in a whistler two-pack, and they whistle and twitter when they’re thrown, adding realism to his favorite game whether he is small, medium or large.

To have even more fun with your dog (you’d be tired now if you were throwing those balls without your Chuckit), let’s throw in the Chuckit Erratic Ball for a natural prey response. There is no telling which way this ball will bounce. Erratic Ball comes in large and the Erratic Ball medium and Erratic Ball small come two to a package!

Look! Your Lab is salivating already!

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