CHUCKIT Flying Squirrel

The CHUCKIT Flying Squirrel is the ultimate in pet toy versatility.

It’s like a flying disc you throw with a flick of your wrist.

Its bright colors and glow-in-the-dark feet make it easy to find in any terrain.

The CHUCKIT Flying Squirrel even floats! If your family’s retriever is a water-dog, this toy won’t make him have to dive.

The CHUCKIT Flying Squirrel is easy to pick up. Designers have included a raised rib all the way around the body, so it’s easy to grab in any size teeth.

Durability is something important to any dog toy. Rubberized feet mean it will stand up to retrieve after retrieve. Even shaking and tug-of-war are appropriate for the CHUCKIT Flying Squirrel.

Want more versatility? CHUCKIT Flying Squirrel is available in small, medium and large, sized for Poodles to Great Danes and every breed in between.

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