ChuckIt Jr. For Indoor Ball Play

It is said that “dog days” occur in late summer, but, to us dog lovers, any day is a dog day!

Winter weather has settled in all around us, but our dogs still need to play. It’s cold in the north, it’s rainy in the south. Enter ChuckIt Jr. to save the day.

Especially made for tight spaces, ChuckIt Jr. is the petite version that still allows you to throw standard-size ChuckIt balls (sold separately, click here for a two-pack), still allows you touch-free (read: slobber-free!) pickup and still flings balls in a way that excites your dog to fetch over and over.

Position yourself so that you can launch a ChuckIt ball down the hall one time, and into the living room the next. Keep your dog guessing about which way you will send him next. He will love it!

And he will appreciate that you didn’t wait until summer to play catch with him again.

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