Convenia Long-Acting Antibiotic Injection

“Awwww, Doc, can’t you just give him a shot?”

Usually that question comes from a pet lover in the form of an objection to having to give oral medications for a two week or longer time period. Up until now our answer has been, “No, an antibiotic injection will last 12 to 24 hours, then we would have to give another one. Do you want to come in every day for 14 days for injections at $35.00 each?”

But the times, they are a’changing.

Enter Convenia, (cefovecin sodium) the long-acting antibiotic from Pfizer Animal Health that lasts 10 to 14 days with a single injection. Convenia is more than just penicillin. It’s a broad-spectrum antibiotic (in the simplest terms that means it kills a lot of different kinds of bacteria), so it can be used in a wide variety of infected organ systems and clinical and hospital situations.

Convenia isn’t right for every infection. If it were, it would be the only antibiotic on the market. Instead, there are hundreds and hundreds of antibiotics, each with a situation or organism on which it works best.

If my pet were a patient, I would sure ask my pet’s doctor if Convenia (cefovecin sodium) were right for him.

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  1. I always like reading up on medicine my cats given. Honestly I didn’t even know a 14 day injection existed. Veterinary science has come a long way. My cat just had a tooth extraction, cleaning but we did a lot of other things to figure out whats going on with him. He had an inflamed bladder slightly but no stones. He’s had surgery for stones before so I wasn’t too surprised when some inflammation in his bladder showed up. Minor. I assume my vet opted to use the shot to take care of any infection he may have via his dental procedure and to knock back the slight inflammation in the bladder.

    I have never had issues giving my cat pills he will even let me brush his teeth. Seems like many vets are going the injection route. I know injections like this are mainly meant for skin infections but reading up on them it looks like they are being found to work in a variety of cases.

  2. Just been told by vet that my French Bulldog anal sac infection is E. coli and the best treatment is Cefovecin. Is this correct and will it kill the infection totally?

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