Convenia Passes Another Test

Convenia passes another test.

Bayou recently came to us with an embarrassing problem: BO. Body Odor. He, well, stank.

Bayou had a bacterial infection of the skin called pyoderma. It is a common problem, usually secondary with a primary underlying cause of allergy or some other immune system dysfunction.

Convenia is curing Bayou's pyoderma
Convenia is curing Bayou’s pyoderma

Demodicosis is also a common primary cause of pyoderma.

Bayou had a really bad infection that needed powerful antibiotics for a month’s duration if he were to have success in clearing the pyoderma. Conventionally, that would mean, for his body weight, three capsules of oral antibiotics twice daily for thirty days.

Convention, however, is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. We offered Bayou’s owners the option to give an initial Convenia injection followed by another exactly two weeks later. They said, “OK.”

Today, when he came for his Medical Progress Examination, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Or my nose!

Bayou was like a new dog. He barely had an odor at all, despite the fact that Hurricane Ida’s humidity was hanging thickly in the air, and I could see no evidence of infection.

Now, I’ve taken a special interest in canine and feline dermatology long enough to know that stopping antibiotic therapy now on an infection as bad as Bayou’s was a recipe for failure. As planned, we repeated the Convenia injection and anticipate a full recovery.

Convenia is a tool your pet’s doctor is happy to have in his veterinary pharmaceutical toolbox these days.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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