Convenia Used For Cat Abscesses

Lynn writes: Hi. Two of my cats have also had Convenia injections. Both were for wounds that abscessed (they’re very pampered barn cats … up to date on all vaccinations, spayed, neutered, etc. but, they roam and get into things). The Convenia worked fabulously well for both cats. My only complaint is the cost! I’ve spent $400 in veterinary visits in the past three months for abscesses and antibiotics for these two. The shot is like $50, then there’s the office visit, and the antiinflammatory injection, etc.   I wish I could just keep it on hand, lol.

Convenia is an excellent choice for bacterial infections in dogs and cats.
Convenia is an excellent choice for bacterial infections in dogs and cats.

Lynn, I’m glad your kitties are doing better after treatment. Interestingly, the liquid oral antibiotics that we use most commonly for treatment of many cat ailments have increased in price to the point that they approach or exceed the cost of Convenia. Given the choice, few clients now opt for oral liquids and almost no one wants to give a pill to his cat.

As for keeping Convenia on hand for your personal use there are some considerations that you probably aren’t aware of.

Of course, it is an FDA-controlled drug, so it is available only to licensed veterinarians.

Another is that Convenia is delivered as a dry powder. Once it is reconstituted, it has a refrigerated shelf life, after which it must be discarded. For you to purchase a bottle of Convenia and use it for two injections would cost much more than what you’re paying for both cats’ full treatment and care.

For example, abscess care begins with removing the hair, opening, draining and irrigating the abscess. Merely injecting an abscessed patient with antibiotics will rarely resolve the problem.

In addition, the antiinflammatory injection helps relieve your kitties’ pain and suffering. Reduction of pain also helps make your home care of the wound easier.

The Convenia injection fee is less than one-fourth of the total bill. Plus, your pet’s doctor is charging less for the injection than national average.

You are to be commended for the excellent care you are providing for your “barn” cats. Too often they are allowed to go wild, breed unrelentingly and spread disease. Here’s a pat on the back to you, Lynn.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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