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  1. Dr. Randolph, I tried commenting last week but I’m not sure it worked. My mom brings Marley and recommended I read your blog. Thanks for the information about FidoRido..we have two dogs, a pomeranian mix and a puggle. The FidoRido sounds great for our pomeranian, but what would you recommend for our 32lb puggle? Thanks! Katie.

    • Katie, we absolutely adore Marley and your parents and caring for him is a joy. We wish you lived close by so we could take care of your babies, too. Yours is a good question. I’m guessing there is enough leeway in the 30# maximum recommendation for your “puggle” to fit into a regular FidoRido. If not, the two-dog model might be better, even though it, too, has a 30# recommended weight limit. What about if you do this? Write to the manufacturer at info@fidorido.com and see what they say, then write back and I’ll post your answer so everyone will know! To order easily just click on this blog link, [ http://www.mypetsdoctor.com/safe-travel-with-fidorido-pet-safety-seat ] then click on the FidoRido link in the article.
      Best wishes, Dr. Randolph.
      PS: Your comment technique worked fine, I just haven’t had time to reply. You will read why on Thursday!

  2. Hi Dr. Randolph, I was wondering if there is a certain dog toothpaste is better than another. It seems Marley has vomited after brushing his teeth. I brushed his teeth yesterday early in the day, because I thought that last time I had brushed them I noticed he vomited and I thought maybe it was too close to when he had eaten or that I used too much toothpaste. Maybe it was just a coincidence that he vomited again yesterday, but he has a very strong stomach and rarely vomits.

    • We like the CET toothpaste because it is made by an expert in veterinary dentistry, it has an enzyme cleaning action that enhances the mechanical action you are providing with the toothbrush and it is non-foaming, so the patient doesn’t have to deal with inhaling bubbles.

  3. Hi Dr Randolph, I took Cash back to the veterinarian on Saturday, the veterinarian prescribed some anti-nausea medication as she said that his temperature was normal, and did not think he had an infection, even though he couldnt keep any food down. His tumor had spread over his eye. He had been refusing food, I thought it was due to his pain. He was accepting roast beef and yogurt, but very small amounts. Then he would vomit. He was also losing his legs and kept falling down. I thought it was just getting worse, today he took a turn for the worse, he had not defecated in over 5 days. Today he lay down and defecated. It was black like tar and he couldn stop. His breathing was really bad and his eyes rolled back, we took him to the veterinarian. He was dying so we did the humane thing. We lost our best friend today and are devastated. He was the best companion we could have wished for, he was a Godsend. We will miss him with all our hearts and souls. I feel like we missed the larger picture, the problem seemed to be in his stomach, not with the tumor on his jaw, the veterinarian said he may have had a tumor that had spread.

  4. Hello Dr Randolph, I am wondering if you could help me with something, my dog Cash is a 15 year old American Staffordshire terrier, whom I love dearly. About a month ago we noticed a growth under his ear, on his jaw. It is very painful for him, he can no longer yawn without yelping and is having a bit of difficulty eating, I took him to my veterinarian who administered Convenia. It did not seem to do anything, I took him back and another veterinarian saw him. He thinks it is a very aggresive tumour and prescribed Tramadol for the pain, He is also on Metacam. My worry is that this could be an infection that the Convenia did not help. We have not had a biopsy done as the veterinarian did not suggest this. Do you think we should have a biopsy done to make sure. I am not sure if the veterinarian did not suggest this because of his age. Cash is almost 16. the veterinarian did not think he would be around much longer.

    • Julie, it is a personal decision (and sometimes an economic one), but if Cash were my pet I would want to know whether he had a treatable or not-treatable condition, as well as what his prognosis is. Please read this post, ( http://www.mypetsdoctor.com/convenia-antibiotic-injection )which explains why there could be an infection problem, even though Convenia did not seem to help the problem. Readers and I will be eager to hear an update from you soon about Cash. Best wishes, Dr. Randolph

  5. Dr. Randolph-It was a pleasure meeting you today. I appreciate the time you spent explaining Hooper’s condition and the online resources you provided for additional reading.

    • Mrs. Dalton, the pleasure was all ours. Your little Hooper is a great pooch, and now he is famous on the Pet Names page, too! We look forward to helping you care for him in every way. Best wishes, Dr. Randolph.

  6. My mom’s chihuahua has been having small 10-second seizures. Does his dog food have anything to do with the cause of the seizures? Is there any medication he could be put on to prevent them? If the dog is very panicky, can it cause him to go into a seizure?

  7. Great website. You are, without a doubt, the best veterinarian in town. Keep up the great work that you do!

  8. Dear Dr. Randolph,
    You have been a fantastic veterinarian to my sweet Millie and words cannot express how grateful I am. Thank you so much for keeping her going so that she can keep me going.
    I would be lost without her. Thank you.

  9. Can you tell me more about small dogs having seizures? Our Beagle had a seizure 13 months ago,and just had one the other day. I am pretty sure it was a seizure. It lasted over 1hour. Please tell me about seizures.

  10. Jim,

    Excellent website. Keep up the good work.

    BVETC (just behind you)

    Kidding of course

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